November 5-27, 2016


swing state brown wide


Curated by Rebekah Flake


November 5-27, 2016 at Little Berlin
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 5th, 6-10 PM
Post-Election Recovery Roundtable, Tuesday, November 15th, 7 PM
Closing Reception and Catalog Release, Sunday, November 27th, 3-5 PM

SWING STATE examines the intersection of self and site. Each work of art in this group exhibition stems from the artists' highly personal responses to the power dynamics of place on the embodied subject. The selected projects reveal a few of the topographic peaks and canyons of the American cultural landscape. From the art spaces of Philadelphia to the rural swamps of the American South to the feminist archives to the evening news, these artists traverse different American territories, and reveal a handful of the complicated and seductive social conditions we face in this moment of choosing (or dreading) our next President.

In addition to the opening reception, a Post-Election Recovery Roundtable will be held one week following the closing of the polls. After a live performance and satirical gallery tour by Kristen Mills, the group will discuss how we individually and collectively plan to move forward post election. What are the dangers / what are the benefits facing artists? the city? the country? How do we personalize the changes to our communities?
All are welcome.


Artists: Razan Al-SalahAntony AndersonRoxana AzarRajeev BalasubramanyamAmy CousinsBrandon DeanJeremy DennisJenn DierdorfJen DunlapDimitra ErmeidouBryant GirschShabria GoodeJaime Erin JohnsonPatricia McElroyAngie MelchinKristen MillsJen Nugent


Gallery Hours: Sundays 2-6 PM.

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About the venue: littleberlin.org
About the curator: http://www.littleberlin.org/rebekah

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December 3-28, 2016





CURATED BY Brett Suemnicht


December 3-28th, 2016 at Little Berlin

Opening Reception: Saturday, 12/3, 6-10 PM

Gallery Hours: Sundays 2-6pm


Nine different practices storm the field in After School Special’s second group exhibition, VARSITY at Little Berlin. Each member of the collective has created new work that explores high school sports culture and “the best of the best” mentality. By framing the art world and specifically the gallery as a court or playing field A.S.S. gears up to shred some turf and sweat some beer in the name of DIY art crusaders everywhere.

After School Special is an organization headed by a collective of artists seeking community engagement through nontraditional exhibitions, film screenings, queer events, informal classes, applicable workshops, malleable dialogue, and everything in between. As a group of working and emerging artists, they seeks to support creative individuals of a similar stature by providing opportunities for under recognized, socially engaged, young makers. A.S.S. engages art and community at a local, national, and international level in hopes of becoming part of the larger cultural discussion that defines us all. We are not bound by walls, but by the value of ideas and the people behind them.


Their collective is currently based out of a raw space in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI.


Artists: Stephanie Lane Gage, DeAnn Guenterberg, Rachel Hausmann, Zach Hill, Elina Johann, Kayle Karbowski, Peter Klett, Kister Larson, and  Jasmine McMasters



Please contact berlin.little@gmail.com for additional appointments and inquiries.

About the venue: Little Berlin, 2430 Coral Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125 littleberlin.org

Curator contact: Brett Suemnicht bsuemnicht@gmail.com

After School Special contact: After School Special afterschoolspecialmke@gmail.com