Founded in May 2014 by members of Little Berlin, the Annex is a raw, intimate space for performance, film, music, readings, lectures, and workshops. Like Little Berlin's adjacent gallery, The Annex holds exhibitions and installations, but they are usually shorter (less than one month long) and based around programming events like Poems Night, live performances, and occasionally artists-in-residence.

The Annex is also home to Little Berlin's Zine Library, which is the largest in Philadelphia and houses hundreds of zines, exhibition catalogs, chapbooks, and artist books. Email us to coordinate mail submissions of your zine! 

Zine Library Hours:

All open gallery hours and by appointment

Zines that part of the collection are not for sale. 

We do, however, commission zines for exhibitions which are normally for sale during their events. 

We are open to collaborations with individual curators, artists or collectives and occasionally rent out our space for exhibitions, performances and projects. In order to gain a better understanding of your project we request that you submit a project proposal which outlines the theme of your exhibition, the artists involved, examples of the artwork to be shown, the number and nature of the artworks being shown, the running time for your exhibition including specific hours or dates, and any audio/visual or equipment needs that you may have for the exhibition. The proposal can be sent to our email address with your name and “Project Proposal” in the subject line.