Caitlin McCormack

Caitlin McCormack became a member late in the winter of 2012. Although she was only able to sustain her affiliation with the space for just over half-a-year, the experience proved to be fulfilling. She was able to facilitate a screening of One 11 with 103 to celebrate the John Cage Centennial, and to co-organize an outdoor performance featuring the Minor Arcana and several Philadelphia-area poets. She assisted with the development of the Fairgrounds and participated in the 2012 member exhibition, Hung. The efforts put forth by each member in order to support the gallery and all of its enterprises provided her with a greater understanding of how such spaces operate. Her appreciation for similar establishments increased tremendously as a result of her brief alliance with Little Berlin.

McCormack is currently working as a fine artist in Philadelphia, utilizing media such as stiffened cotton string resembling bone tissue. She is constantly striving to construct a personal taxonomy through the collation of symbols embedded in esoteric contexts, primarily using skeletal animal forms. She has most recently received representation from Paradigm Gallery + Studio and exhibited work at Select Fair during Art Basel week in Miami.


Past Curatorial / Exhibition Work at Little Berlin:

August 2012: HUNG: Little Berlin Members Show