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Un-Nature- A four person show featuring Adam Bush, Nathaniel Butler, Katie Elia, and Bonnie Brenda Scott, curated by Alex Gartelmann.

Un-Nature is a contemporary examination of the synthesis of man, nature, and science through visual creation. The language these artists create is one of a grotesque Romanticism. At its core, Romanticism is a reaction to the scientific rationalization of nature, stemming from the 18th century. The work in this exhibition is a reaction to the hyper rationalization we face in the 21st century. The artists create an innate emotional image in response to a culture that is very aware of science and its role in nature. Unlike 18th century Romantic thought, the anthropomorphic relationship of the artist's chosen image steers away from the beauty of nature. Instead, the artists look at the ugly underside of nature and its interconnectedness with human beings.

Earlier Event: March 6
Later Event: May 8
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