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"The exhibit is co-curated by Martha Savery and Alex Gartelmann and centers around a stunning feat of organizational chaos:
80 Philadelphia area artists, who happen to be strangers, working collaboratively in twenty groups.

This 10-week project includes participants from a variety of backgrounds, both established and emerging: visual artists, performers, writers, biologists and anthropologists. Loosely prompted by the concept of "offerings" and a budgetary limit of $50 per group, the artists set about getting to know each other and attempting to find common ground. Designed to allow the artists to push the boundaries of their studio practices, Offerings has the added bonus of exposing disparate artists within the groups to new resources right here in their own city. The main intent of Offerings has been to create new connections between artists here in Philadelphia. Each group will have had a unique experience. It is hoped that when this project comes to an end the participating artists will have new people to work and share thoughts with, new resources to aid or add to their making process, and the potential for new opportunities to show and share their work. 

The show itself will feature performance, video work, drawings, photography and much more that is yet unknown to the show's organizers.
Teetering on the edge of impossibility, it is the most ambitious and surprising exhibition produced by Little Berlin so far."


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