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Landscape Techne

Landscape Techne intends to maintain the legacy of the relationship of the artist and technology while exploring the role of landscape in art. Landscape as a genre was originally influenced by a physical panoramic view, limited at times to a specific region. It has remained a long time object of affection for the artist, as it has been translated since the frescoes of Minoan Greece. The objective of Landscape Techne is to initiate dialogue about the manner in which artists are challenging the way landscape art is conveyed and experienced based on the insistent mutation of the artist’s toolbox. The artists chosen for this exhibition use land as a significant element in their work and utilize various formats of expression from the i-phone to the virtual world program Second Life. Landscape Techne aims to provide some insight as to why landscape has survived as a theme in fine art and how technology and social change have influenced the way artists consider it as content.

The techne element of the title was inspired by an explanation of the Greek root word provided by Tom Boellstorff in his book Coming of Age in Second Life:

“Techne refers to art of craft, to human action that engages with the world and thereby results in a different world. Techne is not just knowledge about the world, what Greek thought termed episteme; it is intentional action that constitutes a gap between the world as it was before the action, and the new world it calls in to being.”

Arists: Franziska Lamprecht, Hajoe Moderegger, Maria Dumlao, Carl Diehl, Alex Mcleod, Rafael Rozendaal, Xarene Eskandar, Luke Painter

Curated by: Kristen Neville-Taylor

Earlier Event: October 16
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