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The Western Lands

An ongoing experiment in serendipity inspired by the last three novels written by William S. Burroughs II, The second in a trilogy of non-linear exhibitions, The Western Lands takes its name from the third book in William S. Burroughs’ cataclysmic “Cities” saga. Ciphers, kinetic machines, hallucinatory projections, and home spun environments mark the break down and reformation of linguistics, symbolic thought, and ritual.

This collaborative installation is based on the interaction of individual vision and communal practice; the braiding of sign, signifier, and symbol will draw a thread linking visionary practice, rhythmic interpretation, and cultivation of chance. The First exhibition, staged in 2010, of the Trilogy was “Cities of the Red Night“, images can be found here and here.

“Terrible scandal: a big pop star, in a jealous rage fueled by cocaine, grabbed his girlfriend’s Yorkshire terrier and threw it into the piranha tank. As the piranhas attacked the floundering dog, the hysterical starlet threw a heavy bronze ashtray which shattered the tank, spilling snapping fish and bloody water across the patrons as the disemboweled, screaming dog dragged its intestines across the floor. Quite a scene it was, and of course there were plenty of cameras to freeze-dry this edifying spectacle for posterity and export. It’s the little touches that make a future solid enough to be destroyed.”

— William S. Burroughs, The Western Lands, p. 37

Most of the installation was created by the artist on site, working together on their individual spaces and collaborating at porous boundaries, allowing overlap and infiltration. Skirmantas Pipas painted a Lego Last Supper Mural, overlapping with Brian Dunn’s printed security seal pasted wall installation. Danielle Payne projected video and lights with peep holes leading to Jennifer Lingford’s room of disquieted, Lynchian/Cronebergian Domestic Decay. Sedakial Gebremedhin, Mike Schultis, and Scott Cooper installed raw earth to enact a mining/Goldshlager drenched performance. Tim Eads unleashed his painting machines to build the foundation of his wind and light installation. Marek Danielewski created the interior of a crypto-sociographic Sarcophagi. Lucia Thomé pierced the space with a tilted and deformed geometric structure that dominates a surrounding workshop, and Tom Yurkovic built an illuminated stairway confronting the viewer with interior, exterior, and reflective views. Salvatore Cerceo and Jim Huebotter brought in manually propelled kinetic sculptures, Conor Fields unleashes his motor driven Das Boot madness and The Justice League of Adversaries performed original electronic composition and video project in the courtyard, where CIPRO‘s street art stream of consciousness has transformed the exterior area of the gallery.

Please join on First Friday Dec 2nd from 6-10 PM for the closing reception of this exhibition, with new music and performance.

There is an additional exhibition within the installation, bring stickers and markers to decorate the cardboard walls of the installations labrynth. Confirmed sticker and poster artist: Astrotwitch, RERIBS R, CTHULHU, JR, EBEN HOLZ, iwillnot, ZELCH, T.M., R.I., Alex Lilly, TCK, NAT, SARO, IWN, Damon Ayers, CIPRO, ALL ONE

Artists: Tim Eads, Jennifer Lingford, Conor Fields, Brian Dunn, Sedakial Gebremedhin, Lucia Thomé, CIPRO, Jim Huebotter, Tom Yurkovic, Danielle Payne, Marek Danielewski, Salvatore Cerceo, Skirmantas Pipas, Justice League of Adversaries

Curated by: Tyler Kline


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