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Lectures at little berlin will take place Tuesdays in May, 7pm:
May 10th, Allen Crawford aka Lord Whimsy, lecture relating to agriculture in Philadelphia in relation to Jake Kehs experiment using local plants to create ink.

May 17th, Lecture on black holes and space simulation in relation to Kristen Neville’s black hole installation. 

May 24th, David Williams, Ph.D. will be presenting a lecture on Dave Kim and James Weissinger’s My BFFF.

Lectures at Breadboard will take place Wednesdays in May, 6pm:
May 11th, Camille McQuillan will be giving a lecture on bioethics, extending the conversation on April Aguillard and Angela McQuillan’s study of zebra fish.

May 18th, Jae-Won Shin is a Ph.D. Candidate at University of Pennsylvania, Lecture on cellular diversity in relation to Lisa Murch’s study with bio-diversity.

May 25th, Artist, Ron Klein will present a travelogue from his trips to Guatemala and Burma.


Curated by Beth Heinly