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Carl Diehl Lecture:Metaphortean Research/Closing Reception

This will be the last lecture at little berlin for In closing the lecture series little berlin invites artist, Carl Diehl to perform/lecture case studies related to his Metaphortean Research. This gesture pairs science fiction with the art form, inviting discourse within the non-empirical avenues of science.

After the lecture, there will be massive amounts of celebration.

The neologized term “Metaphortean” combines “metaphor” and “Fortean,” the latter term denoting strange, mysterious events popularized in the publications of the independent early 20th century researcher Charles Fort. An eccentric champion of anomalous phenomena, Fort collected facts that had allegedly been excluded, rejected, or ignored by established science because they were unexplainable. While Fort focused on the arbitrary borderlines between accepted and denied explanations, Metaphortean Research puzzles the shifting values associated with new and obsolescent media.

An official, if speculative, genealogy of Metaphortean Research to be presented at Little Berlin gallery in Philadelphia on Saturday May 28th. Arriving at the end of the current exhibit of Very Amateur Society of Science and Technology, this Metaphortean presentation will include several nused and emergent Metaphortean pursuits, including the audio-visually augmented para-lecture version of Polterzeitgest...

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