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PEEP, A Curious Look Into Painting

A Curious Look Into Painting
Curated by Alana Bograd

Presented as though emerging from a hiding place to view a wide variety of surprises, this special painting exhibition invites viewers to crawl out of their spaces and get to know the worlds of artists from Chicago, Dubrovnik, Los Angeles, New York City, and Philadelphia. Take a gander, have a look-see, peer and peek this one out, it's perfect for viewing all day long. 

Artists: Farrell Brickhouse, David Campbell, Marybeth Chew, Damien Crisp, Sarah Gamble, Jordan Graw, Selma Hafizovic, Todd Keyser, John Kilduff, Doron Langberg, Shanjana Mahmud, Matt Savitsky, Woohyun Shim, Keer Tanchak, and Ben Will

Opens Friday May 4, 2012 6pm-10pm
Closes May 23, 2012

Farrell Brickhouse:
David Campbell:
Marybeth Chew:
Damien Crisp:
Sarah Gamble:
Jordan Graw:
Selma Hafizovic:
Todd Keyser:
John Kilduff:
Doron Langberg:
Shanjana Mahmud:
Matt Savitsky:
Woohyun Shim:
Keer Tanchak:
Ben Will: