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Reading Room

Curated by Becky Huff Hunter

This exhibition explores some of the ways in which contemporary visual artists, poets, writers, and scholars practice in the rich seam between art and writing. Focusing on works with particular sensual, personal, or material immediacy, Reading Room seeks balance between expression and analysis. The show includes a short film made as a way of “getting lost” in art historical research; symbols and text incorporated into dyed silk history-painting; a painter’s searchingly honest blog; poems made in response to post-impressionist portraits of women; a tribute to a beloved grandmother translated into scratchy, makeshift Welsh; and audio/video performance around reading objects and the choreography of everyday life.

Supporting extracts and reproductions from novels, sketchbooks, musical scores, chronicles, love letters, and works of visual art broaden and deepen the conversation around art and writing. Sometimes placed in dialogue with another work, more often installed in the exhibition’s “reading room”, they include documents by Agnes Martin, June Leaf, Tracey Emin, Virginia Woolf, and Iris Murdoch, as well as by the Philadelphia-based publication the Nicola Midnight St. Claire, and the London collective KIOSK.

Artists and Writers:  Gillian Allnutt | Anthony Boswell | Emily Erb | Beth Lewis | Carol Mavor | Tamarin Norwood

Letters contributed by the Nicola Midnight St. Claire from  Matthew Craig  |  Emily Davidson  |  Mike Treffehn |  Becket Flannery  |  Anna Neighbor  |  Nora Beckman   |  Lissa Corona  |  Jules Gimbrone


Opens on First Friday, July 6th from 6-10PM – Matt Kalasky will perform at the opening, and there will be an art writing workshop and a closing panel discussion during the month of July.

This exhibition continues and expands upon the Art Writing performance series curated by Becky Hunter and KIOSK collective at Vox Populi’s AUX Performance Space, inspired by writer-scholar Maria Fusco’s concept of art writing.