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JOIN US Saturday, September 22nd for an evening of unpixelated performance coinciding with the video installation, PRRRSONA, featuring artists Joanna Quigley and Layla Marcelle.

Joanna Quigley is a multimedia artist who leads improvisational movement classes and dabbles in comedy. She has been a part of Club Lyfestile, Body Dreamz, The Vaudevillians NYB & Charmaine’s names. For PRRRSONA Joanna will be performing new movement that has been stewing for a long while....

Fringe, static and hip shaking… Is this a dance craze or just a spiritual freak-out? Sans the beach and the body paint, the 60′s inspired movement will amuse or haunt you, which ever you prefer.


Layla Marcelle Mrozowski is a young American choreographer and girl friday. Smart and visually provocative, her recent work explores the performative aspects of femininity and the convergence of art discourses with pop culture. Her work has been presented at SITE Fest in Brooklyn, W139 in Amsterdam, MASS MoCA and various galleries and performance venues in the US and Europe. In 2010 she founded BAAD (Bicycle Awesome Adventure Dance) Kinetics and produced an all-lady, 2000 kilometer bicycle tour that performed her work HOT MESS in alternative spaces and theaters throughout the Northeast United States.

For PRRRSONA, Layla presents Reading Rainbows. Reading is a voguing term; it’s the verbal art of insulting someone through a descriptive, hyperbolic attack on a flaw in her appearance. This social and artistic one-upmanship is the same competitive force underlying much of rap and hip hop culture.

Reading Rainbows is a piece concerned with performative competition, identity and double entendres. Decked in a gold sequin blazer, red underwear and cowboy boots, Mrozowski constructs a mashup of music video, monologue and strip tease. In a fierce yet vulnerable performance, the audience is engaged directly and intimately. At times strangely menacing and at others silly, Mrozowski inhabits the peculiar liminal space of sexy and awkward.


Mrozowski and Quigley will also be performing together for the first time with a new movement/improv based piece. 


Curated by Beth Heinly

Earlier Event: September 7
Later Event: September 29