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Gone Shadowing

When one awakes from a routine, their surroundings can seem suddenly unfamiliar. In the hours of repetition, a sense of knowing is acquired, and the rhythm that was so hard won becomes a comfort. When noticed, the difference is rattling. The onlooker is left with a decision to make: they can can cling to the remains of recognition, run in search of a new but intuitively familiar place, or embrace the ambiguity of that realization, and follow it down an adjacent, but still uncertain path. I find the last option to be the most rewarding, but also the most lonely.

These artists shadow those lapses in familiarity. Their work exhibits a non-conformity that is natural enough to be unassuming, confident enough to be gentle, and open enough to be adaptable. Ordinary settings and characters are shown to be as cherished as they are unknown. They each choose to observe and live with mystery - to understand rather than to solve, and mystery rewards them with its presence. It imbues their work and invites us to stand beside as well. 

Featuring work by:

Roxana Azar
Sasha Parker
Michelle Taransky
Nathan Zeidma

The opening reception is on Saturday, June 8th from 6:30-10. It features a performance by Sasha Parker and a reading by Michelle Taransky beginning at 8 

Curated by Alex Walcroft


Additional programming:

June 19th - 7-10pm, A screening of the Claire Denis film "I Can't Sleep"

June 22nd - 6-9pm, A release party for Roxana Azar's new zine, "Lonely Magic" 

June 29th - Closing reception

Gallery hours: Saturdays from 12-5