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Garbage World 7 - P o r n A g a i n Vol.2 CyberNymph

P o r n A g a i n Vol.2 

s+s project and Garbage World 7: Nothing Never Now is proud to present Sofia Moreno’s P o r n A g a i n Vol.2-CyberNymph at Little Berlin, July 19-21, 2430 Coral St, Philadelphia, PA , 19125. 

P o r n A g a i n Vol.2-CyberNymph, is the first in a trilogy of experimental videos that explores artificial landscapes, fantasy, internet pornography and the use of the body as sculpture to create a seductive and mind- altering experience. CyberNymph, featuring performance artists Hanna M. Owens and Molly Soda; is a synthetic immersive environment that wields together photo documentation, by Armando Lozano and sound, by La Spacer, resulting in an intense, highly synchronized experience and a dynamic introduction to the surreal world of these cyber creatures. 

Sofia Moreno was born and raised in Coahuila, Mexico. In 1994 she immigrated to United States, where she currently lives and works prior to moving to Chicago Sofia lived in Texas. Sofia Moreno is a mixed media artist and her subjects include expressions of the sacred and profane the body, sexuality, religion and socio-political issues within contemporary culture. Moreno is currently working on the follow- up to her three year project P o r n A g a i n. “I’m interested in the essence of the body rather than the form itself. I paint a sexually and spiritually confused youth.” Sofia Moreno. 

$5-7 sliding scale donation

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Hanna M. Owens
Molly Soda
Armando Lozano
La Spacer

Special thanks to my CyberNymphs. 

P o r n A g a i n – Vol.2 CyberNymph may be inappropriate for children.