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Garbage World 7 - Never Nothing Now

Little Berlin and the Garbage World Performance Series are pleased to announce Garbage World 7 - Never Nothing Now as July's exhibition. A series of events will explore a network of artists that began in Chicago in 2009. Eileen Lillian Doyle, member of Little Berlin and organizer of Garbage World, is connecting Philadelphia and Chicago to make Garbage World truly a world. Aspects of the exhibition are a Garbage World Retrospective Installation (Opens First Friday, July 5, open through July 14), Sofia Moreno's (Chicago, IL) video debut of P O R N A G A I N vol 2: CYBERNYMPHS (Opening reception July 19 7-10pm, on view until July 21), and the official Garbage World 7 - Lucky 7/Never Nothing Now Event (July 26 and 27, 7-10pm each day).

Garbage World is not a utopia nor dystopia. Garbage World is not a happening; it just happens.
Doyle began Garbage World to facilitate an event that has less limitations and an openness to mess. There is no thematic to restrict the kind of performances that can happen. The only requirements are the ability to have a feasible plan and the ability to perform within a 20 minute timeframe -- those twenty minutes are truly the artist's show within a show, and artists must have an intentional use of the body within their work. Trust and the responsibility of each artist to wield themselves skillfully decides who's in and out. The event is overall informal and celebratory. It does have its dark moments -- grotesque, strange, and disturbing. Nudity happens, and so does mess.

The Garbage World Retrospective features work from previous participants in the series. The installation is part exploration of an emergent network that occurred over the course of six events and part investigation into how we remember and document performance. Physical presence has been of utmost importance within the series, and what becomes lost within the digital transfer are the textures and smells of the costumes. Each piece submitted will include details of the performance - the who/what/why/when/where with images is submitted as well. Katrina-Therese Schaag, Jose Hernandez (Chicago), Adam Rose (Chicago), Beth Heinly, William Haughery, and Sara Heymann (Chicago) are confirmed submissions. The space will become a Garbage World environment, with an opening reception on First Friday, July 5(6-10PM), and open hours all week (with cake, beer, and possible screenings) until the closing reception on July 13(6-9PM).

P O R N A G A I N vol2: CyberNymph debuts July 19 with a live performance by A$$PUS+SY. This is presented in conjunction with S+S Projects. CyberNymph is the second in a trilogy of experimental videos that explores artificial landscapes, fantasy, internet pornography and the use of the body as sculpture to create a seductive and mind- altering experience. CyberNymph, featuring performance artists Hanna M. Owens and Molly Soda, is a synthetic immersive environment that wields together photo documentation, by Armando Lozano and sound by La Spacer, resulting in an intense, highly synchronized experience and a dynamic introduction to the surreal world of these cyber creatures. There is a $5 suggested donation for this event to help these traveling artists.

GARBAGE WORLD 7 - LUCK 7/NEVER NOTHING NOW: GARBAGE FEST 2 is a performance event that takes place July 26 and 27, 7-10PM. There is a $5 donation to assist traveling artists. It is in the true spirit of Garbage World. There will be messes and nudity. Gertie Garbage is the hostess and guide for the evening. Confirmed participants are: Emma Branson and Bridget McEnerney, Reverend Eric Clark, Cory Kram, William Haughery and Kris Harzinski, Antibody Corporation (Chicago), Betty Devoe (Chicago), Hanna M. Owens (Chicago), Marie Manski and Scott Schultheis, Tamar Dart, Jake Dibeler (NYC), Elspeth Walker (NYC), Hanna Hamilton, Sarah Hill (Boston), Alien Moon Partnership (Boston), Alexandra Sutton, and Alex Walcroft. for the official event page.