Fairgrounds Block Party

Rain date: Sunday, September 22nd

The Fairgrounds have grown a lot over the last two years. There are new sculptures, benches for relaxation, and a full blooming garden. The season of block parties is almost at an end, but not without this one last hurrah for our East Kensington home.

Music, vendors, grilling, fun and games, etc. It will all be there.



Chris Forsyth
Mitch Esparza
The Interest Group
Dan Malloy

"My Mouth Is Open Because I Am Hungry" performed by the surreal Rev. Eric Danger Clark

and a CHILLINGER JAM CIRCLE curated by Jason Killinger



El Aleph Press
Annie Ransom Terrariums
Kristen Neville Taylor's Blown Glass
Anne Lamb Photography
The Revival Clothing
Blah Femme Beauty Products
Gina Giles Knitting
Stephanie Brown

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