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Little White Cubes: Part II – Little Berlin at the DCCA


Join us in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday, February 7th, 2014 for the opening reception of our exhibition at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. The reception will include performances by neighborhood rockers SPACIN’, and gallery artists Eileen Lillian Doyle, Rev. Eric Danger Clark, MA JA KA, and Fade Sunshine.

Little White Cubes: Part II - Little Berlin
Opening Reception on Friday, February 7th 

Refreshments and Performances will be provided.
at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts
200 South Madison Street | Wilmington, DE 19801

Description of Exhibition:
Exhibit Dates: Jan 18, 2014 – Feb 23, 2014
Location: Constance S. & Robert J. Hennessy Project Space


The Philadelphia-based artistic collaborative Little Berlin repurposes the Hennessy Project Space as an improvised art space for Little White Cubes, a curatorial project that contextualizes the gallery as work of art or creative medium. Founded in 2007 by two artists, Little Berlin identifies itself as an “undefined exhibition space” run by approximately ten members who approach curating from a creative, collaborative perspective. Current Little Berlin members treat the DCCA gallery as a makeshift satellite of the actual gallery located in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. Installing a TV stack for screening documentation of prior events, a “zine” library with armchair seating, a live video feed, and performance area in the gallery, Little Berlin’s treatment of the museum space exemplifies new media experimentation coupled with a do-it-yourself ethos.

Many artists have subverted the presumed neutrality of the “white cube” exhibition space by parodying or critiquing the authority behind a museum’s institutional framework. In 1970, Tom Marioni invented the Museum of Conceptual Art in San Francisco and began his social sculpture, Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art. Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler’s MoMA Whites (1990) featured a gallery painted with different colors of white preferred by various curators of the Museum of Modern Art. Adopting a paraprofessional identity and working in the genre of Institutional Critique, in the 1990s artist Andrea Frasier delivered a tour as a museum docent, deconstructing museological education and calling the traditional role of the artist into question. Other contemporary artists of the 2000s, such as the Yes Men duo, appropriate corporate identity in order to camouflage themselves as business CEOs in various settings. In current socially engaged artistic practice, many artists increasingly eschew the title of Artist altogether, announcing themselves as politicians, farmers, or urban planners, for example, who treat the gallery as civic center, community garden, or public design studio.

-Maiza Hixson
Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary Art

Performance Schedule:
6:00-6:30 warm up with FADE SUNSHINE (Lee Tusman)
Performed by Lee Tusman, Fade Sunshine is a master of high art hype. Mixing hip hop with slow radio and beats with rock n’ roll he gets your knees jerking and elbows flapping in a context unusual for a typical fine art museum. This is the flagship of Tusman’s lable Jewish Noise, and there will be no glitched out remix left behind.

6:30-6:50 MA JA KA
Is the wandering dream body of Marshall James Kavanaugh. Part anima, part unicorn he often can be found playing the trumpet creating vast dreamscapes for others to travel in or working as a dream poet for hire selling stream of subconscious poems. His main function is that of a dream laborer, hypnotizing his audience into a subconscious plane of existence where the mountains are tall, the sun shines bright, and the party is always echoing with good vibes.

Clark attained internet viral success upon the completion of his performance “My Mouth Is Open Because I Am Hungry”, at the Little Berlin Block Party last summer. A stranger posted a photo on the WTF? section of reddit and within minutes it became a trending feed with most viewers wondering what was even happening in the photo much less who this zany person in a gimp suit might be. Is this art?, they asked. Kid today, they said. Clark is a revolutionary of the shock factor performing rituals that even a satanist might find otherworldly.

Curator of the nationally touring performance festival, Garbage World, Doyle is a world class hero for the avant garde. Many parallels could be made between Doyle and Charlotte Moorman who starting in the 60s single handedly organized 20+ years of the weirdest and wildest avant garde festivals in New York City, bringing together notable characters such as Nam June Paik and John Cage. Doyle works mostly out of Chicago and Philadelphia and her performers, as well as her own station as host, appear no less brilliant.

8:00-9:00 SPACIN’
Spacin’ is a psychedelic rock band based in East Kensington, Philadelphia. Their first LP was put out last year by Richie Records (Kurt Vile, Birds of Maya, Cockcleaner, etc). It offers a refreshing homage to rock n’ roll legends like the Stooges and MC5 while taking on a new paradigm for any Deadhead. The rhythms and blues are far out and made for spacing out.

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