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The Place of Dead Roads Closing Performance

Little Berlin presents an exhibition in which individual artists explore their vision by creating an environment of homespun pizzazz, performance, and serendipity. 

The Place of Dead Roads
Curated by Tyler Kline

Closing March 29th 6-10PM

Little Berlin
At Viking Mill
Boston St. at Coral St.
2430 Coral St. Philadelphia, PA 19125
Tim Eads
Beth Heinly
Jenny Drumgoole

An ongoing experiment in aleatoric strategies inspired by the last three novels written by William S. Burroughs II, The third in a trilogy of non-linear exhibitions, The Place of Dead Roads takes its name from the second book in William S. Burroughs’ cataclysmic “Cities” saga. Ciphers, cathartic performance, kinetic machines, and handmade environments mark the break down and reformation of linguistics, symbolic thought, and ritual.
Celebrating the triumph of the Viking Mill at the Hands of the city of Philadelphia License and Inspections, this installation is based on the interaction of individual vision and communal practice; the braiding of sign, signifier, and symbol will draw a thread linking visionary practice, rhythmic interpretation, and cultivation of chance. 
“We’re not fighting for a scrap of sharecropper immortality with the strings hanging off it like Mafioso spaghetti. We want the whole tamale. The Johnsons are taking over the Western Lands. We built it with our brains and our hands. We paid for it with our blood and our lives. It’s ours and we’re going to take it. And we are not applying in triplicate to the Immortality Control Board. Anybody gets in our way we will get our communal back against a rock or a tree and fight the way a raccoon will fight a fucking dog.” 

— William S. Burroughs, The place of Dead Roads

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The Place of Dead Roads
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