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Between The Act And Motion

BETWEEN THE ACT AND MOTION presented by Little Berlin

Open Space’s Alternative Art Fair at Baltimore Artscape
July 18 - 20, 11am - 9pm
1714 Charles Street Baltimore, MD

From July 18 to 20 Little Berlin has been invited to present Between The Act And Motion, an installation and temporary performance venue in a recreated artist-reimagined Septa station as part of Artscape, America’s largest free arts festival. This three day annual festival in Baltimore regularly attracts over 350,000 visitors including artists, designers, public sculpture and exhibitions. Little Berlin’s installation is presented within Artscape’s Open Space Alternative Art Fair featuring artist-run and nonprofit art spaces.

Between The Act And Motion features a reimagined subway station with a wall and advertisements that visitors to the fair are invited to collage onto. Little Berlin members will treat their subway installation as a traveller’s connection point rather than a journey’s end. In addition to ongoing collage activity, the site will serve as an informal performance area populated by artists and musicians throughout the weekend. Although some of the performers are known in advance, a variety of unplanned performances are expected as well. Currently scheduled acts include Jarrett Gilgore, Telequanta as well as gallery performance artists and musicians Eileen Lilian Doyle, Rev. Eric Danger Clark, Fade Sunshine, MA JA KA, SEAARCH, and Visitor Ten.

As non-locals to Baltimore, Little Berlin’s exhibition bridges the gap between the two cities, allowing them to share their insight as a Philadelphia-based artist-run space. It reflects the grit and grime of the gallery’s surrounding neighborhood and the sense of waiting and timelessness that traveller’s experience, that expectant moment of relief before the train arrives to carry you forward.

Musical performances by:

Jarrett Gilgore is a saxophonist, improviser, and composer currently based in Baltimore, MD. He is a member of Talkshow, Jazz Lunch, Words Are Not Enough, Out of Your Head Collective, Ben Frock’s Love Unit, Jaimie Branch’s Bombshelter, Chris Pumphrey Sextet, and Noah Jarrett’s Triage. He performs in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Brooklyn and some other places in the United States.

Telequanta is the stage name of J. Termini, an electronic musician, graphic designer and member of the Philadelphia-based Data Garden artist collective. Musically, Telequanta is known for multi-dimensional psychedelic synth-wave productions. J began by releasing solo works under his own name until the moniker Telequanta was developed by visual artist and collaborator, Patrick Schlitzer. Since then, the duo has been performing live to showcase their original audio/visual compositions.


Gallery performance artists and musicians by:

More process than production, the work of Brooklyn-based artist Am Schmidt is self-referential and often durational. Consuming, emptying, waiting, counting, listing, making, trying, branding, copying, showing, disappearing, trying not to. Schmidt earned her BFA in sculpture from Pratt Institute and has exhibited and performed at 321 Gallery, White Box Gallery, Momenta Art, CAGE, Recession Art, The Ho_se, Silent Barn, New Century Artists, and others.

Curator of the nationally touring performance festival, Garbage World, Doyle is a world class hero for the avant garde. Many parallels could be made between Doyle and Charlotte Moorman who starting in the 60s single handedly organized 20+ years of the weirdest and wildest avant garde festivals in New York City, bringing together notable characters such as Nam June Paik and John Cage. Doyle works mostly out of Chicago and Philadelphia and her performers, as well as her own station as host, appear no less brilliant.

Performed by Lee Tusman, Fade Sunshine is a master of high art hype. Mixing hip hop with slow radio and beats with rock n’ roll he gets your knees jerking and elbows flapping in a context unusual for a typical fine art museum. This is the flagship of Tusman’s lable Jewish Noise, and there will be no glitched out remix left behind.

Is the wandering dream body of Marshall James Kavanaugh. Part anima, part unicorn he often can be found playing the trumpet creating vast dreamscapes for others to travel in or working as a dream poet for hire selling stream of subconscious poems. His main function is that of a dream laborer, hypnotizing his audience into a subconscious plane of existence where the mountains are tall, the sun shines bright, and the party is always echoing with good vibes.

Clark attained internet viral success upon the completion of his performance “My Mouth Is Open Because I Am Hungry”, at the Little Berlin Block Party last summer. A stranger posted a photo on the WTF? section of reddit and within minutes it became a trending feed with most viewers wondering what was even happening in the photo much less who this zany person in a gimp suit might be. Is this art?, they asked. Kid today, they said. Clark is a revolutionary of the shock factor performing rituals that even a satanist might find otherworldly.

SEAARCH uses self-sourced field recordings to create musique-concrete. The source material is often manipulated, obscured and obliterated so it is unrecognizable. SEAARCH has created remixes for Aaron Roche ( R. Stevie Moore, New Amsterdam Records) and Fell Trees (Dualtone Records).

i’ve been dead for a while now … the material and i … well … we all get along in our own unique ways, dont we … you and i shared a conversation that freed us both from our daily grind and hustle … i/you left you\i feeling blisstain ... not a moment experienced within that flurry was void of sunshine … rounding the corner another you … the same you, just arranged differently … looking me in the eyes as i died … the body block already in place ... the "Y" cut is made … "WHY!?!" ... we never felt this hole … a foreign shard of metal ... filling the void … now im stuck here and all we got left are balloons and rhymes ... hi my name is SSengam Niloc and i like to flux-u-ate faces and rap ... wont u bear witness?

Installation by:




Later Event: July 28
The Founding Day Parade