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3 Truths and a Lie -- A Night of Short Films

We're showing 4 recently created films: 3 short films of up and coming artists (including Philadelphia based artist Sasha Parker) as well as one short film of a more established film maker. Come enjoy popcorn, influence, and conditional hilarity. Artist/Directors Sasha Parker, Alex Nathanson, and Dylan Neely will be in attendance. 

Curated by Maddie Hewitt and Will Owen. 

Film descriptions below:

Sasha Parker
Jon E. Doyle
4min 43sec digital video

"To the best of my abilities, I lived/acted out a list of activities and nouns that Jon E. Doyle had written out for me."

John Sebastian Vitale & Richard Perkins
Magick Margaritasville
8min 5sec

Magick Margaritasville is an uncomfortable musical about suburban malaise, misguided ambition, and self delusion as an attempt to adapt to the absurd, amongst other things.


Alex Nathanson & Dylan Neely
Letters to John Grisham
17min 19sec digital video

Based on actual fan letters, Letters to John Grisham explores the desires of the individuals who feel compelled to write letters to the famous author.


Aleksandra Domanović
Turbo Sculpture
19min 45sec digital video

In ‘Turbo Sculpture’ Domanović questions the emergence of a new kind of public art in the ex-Yugoslavia republics, which she defines in reference to ‘Turbofolk’, a popular style of music in the region, suggesting that these sculptures remain neutral in the turmoil of political disputes.


Later Event: August 25
Aggression Therapy