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Little Berlin Presents: Floorplan

The floor of Little Berlin is really great, it has this gritty texture to it like it's slowly evaporating, if you just kept sweeping and sweeping at it it would never get clean you would probably just dig yourself into it, right into the foundation of the building. That's great! People put paintings and pictures and stuff on clean white walls but like whatever, the floor is where it's at. 4 artists have risen to that challenge and will be displaying their work on the Little Berlin floor you will also be standing on if you come. Also there's gonna be a quarter pipe and stuff to climb on to get better looks at the work so you can skateboard on that quarterpipe, people still do that right?

Also occuring down the hall just past our Little Berlin Bathroom in the Little Berlin Annex there will be two touring performers

Floorplan:free Opens at 6 goes til late

Featured artists:
Andrew Grasso 
John Mitchell
Gene Anthony Santiago-Holt
Tom Pontone 

Daddy's Cave, (Soma)tics:6-10 donation for touring acts Performance starts at 7

Skating the pipe: priceless

Earlier Event: August 1
Kevin McNamee-Tweed: Books