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Jeff Witscher, Eric Frye, Roy Werner, Ian M. Fraser, LXV

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Jeff Witscher is a visual artist, avid chess player, and music obsessive, who has explored a variety of underground compositional styles since his teens. His aesthetic choices, expressed over dozens of recordings released under many pseudonyms, have anticipated the shifts in U.S. experimental music spanning the last decade. Most recently, he received acclaim for synth albums Porcelain Opera and The Terminal Symphony (Type), a 2012 split release with Oneohtrix Point Never, and his newest recording, Vanilla Call Option (PAN). Witscher’s practice is peripatetic — encompassing roving styles, changing monikers and wide-ranging influences. Travel is central to Vanilla Call Option, with its digital palette constructed on the move between airports, performance spaces, and public libraries, to evoke the musique concrète of Bernard Parmegiani and the computer music of Charles Dodge. He is currently based in Western Massachusetts.

Eric Frye is a Minneapolis based composer, artist and curator. In his compositions for live performance and installation he focuses on the exploration of spatial and morphological properties of sound using a hybrid analog-digital modular synthesizer and software synthesis. Frye's work examines auditory paradoxes and sonic objects while simultaneously seeking to question conventional compositional rationale. His latest recording, based on algorithmic graphing of repetitive sonic events, was released in December 2014 by Barcelona based imprint, Anòmia. His most recent curatorial endeavor, Exploring Compositional Epistemologies, was a series of performances and lectures focusing on philosophy, sound, and linguistics, in addition to a five week installation of Florian Hecker’s Chimerization / Hinge, that took place during January and February 2015 at Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis. Currently, Frye is preparing a multi-channel sound installation that will open in October 2015 at Rochester Art Center in Minnesota.

Roy Werner is a Brooklyn based visual artist and composer focusing on sample oriented composition through custom software written in Max/MSP. Often under the moniker G.S. Sultan, his sonic work attempts to force spanning source material into connotative and contextual equivalence while exploring new trends in sound structure and organization. Following a similar conceptual arc, Werner’s visual work employs the same software to process and manipulate video samples for multimedia live performance suggesting two sides of the same algorithmically rendered coin. He has worked recently with labels including Nada and Mexico-based Umor Rex to release music.

Ian M. Fraser is a computer musician working in free improvisation and algorithmic based composition. His primary focus is generative structures, pseudo-artificial intelligence, and stochastic processes. With Reed Evan Rosenberg, he works with the continual development of Keroaän, a musical Artificial Intelligence designed to perform without any human intervention what-so-ever. In live performance they combine live generative works with real-time visualizations utilizing high intensity strobe lights and lasers.

LXV is the latest guise of David Sutton (formerly Current Amnesia and Car Commercials) LXV is the creation of synthetic portraits and landscapes through digital synthesis and a continuing evocation of the uncanny and ethereal voices emerging from network systems. 

Sleek jagged contraptions, reflect virtual utopianism... Sonics with a tangibly and refreshingly different grain- cold, clear, uncompromising and pretty exquisite -- Adam Harper, WIRE Magazine

$8 - $10 sliding scale at the door

Organized by Eric Laska

Earlier Event: April 3
Later Event: April 20
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