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The Banquet of Limitless Opportunity

The Banquet of Limitless Opportunity is a singular, all- encompassing, experiential, immersive evening of fantastical interactive performance presented by Little Berlin in collaboration with Humble Treasure Productions {HTP}, and Chef Ryan Saito. The inclusion of food adds another layer to the experience for the guests. Saito creates dishes both inspired by and complementary to the performances taking place. Extracting inspiration from the amorphous contemporary post-internet culture, an elite group of fated participants are invited to exist within the confines of a Dalí-esque surrealist dinner party. The chosen ones will become subservient to the performers, while the audience members become voyeurs, mesmerized by the spectacle, seduced by the oddities, and transcended into a world that vaguely resembles their own realities. Throughout a four-course meal, the diners will be taken through a whirlwind of taste, stories, abstract art, and psychological tests. Musical interludes and experimental stimuli will be intertwined into the night and take stage in front of the pigments of the gods.

The soirée will begin promptly at 8pm. All guests can potentially be selected to become one of the ten surrealist dinner guests to indulge in Chef Ryan Saito's unique creations. Refreshments and surprises will be available to all guests. 


Our multidisciplinary participants are: 

Moor Mother Goddess
Kitty Tooher

Eric Preisendanz
Ryan Siato

Amanda V. Wagner

Curated by Lauren Karstens and Luke Leyden


Earlier Event: April 25
Later Event: May 2