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Jarrett Gilgore – Matt Engle – Michael Szekely || Scott Verrastro – Julius Masri – David Fishkin


Jarrett Gilgore – Matt Engle – Michael Szekely

Scott Verrastro – Julius Masri – David Fishkin

8PM / $10 suggested

The musicians assembled span three generations of disparate voices coming out of the improvised and creative music scene. Scott Verrastro is a Kohoutek drummer and percussionist who has collaborated with Peter Brotzmann, John Dikeman, and Khan Jamal. Playing with him is percussionist Julius Masri and saxophonist David Fishkin.

Where Scott has been heavily involved in the Philadelphia jazz community, Jarrett Gilgore is just making his mark. Originally from Philadelphia, Gilgore lives in Baltimore where he studied at the Peabody Conservatory. Down in Baltimore he can be seen performing with people like John Dierker, Will Redman, Anthony Pirog, and Dave Ballou. Matt Engle has been an active member of the Philadelphia creative and improvised music scene for over 15 years. He is a member of the Dan Blacksberg Trio, Bobby Zankel small group, and Sonic Liberation Front. Michael Szekely is a drummer currently based in Philadelphia who has recorded/performed with greats including Anthony Braxton, Dave Liebman, Bobby Zankel, and Jack Wright.





Baltimore / Philadelphia

Jarrett Gilgore is a saxophonist, improviser, and composer currently based in Baltimore, MD. He is a member of Talkshow, Jazz Lunch, Words Are Not Enough, Out of Your Head Collective, Ben Frock’s Love Unit, Jaimie Branch’s Bombshelter, Chris Pumphrey Sextet, and Noah Jarrett’s Triage. He performs in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Brooklyn and other places in the United States.

Matt Engle grew up ten minutes outside of Philadelphia in South Jersey. He now resides in Philadelphia where he is a working member of the music scene. Matt studied with Kevin McConnell and Tony Marino while attending The University of the Arts. He has an integral role in the longstanding improvisational outfit Shot x Shot, as both a performer and composer. In addition to Shot x Shot, Matt has played with Trio Rhizome (with Seth Meicht and Michael Szekely), the Seth Meicht Trio, and Sonic Liberation Front.

Michael Szekely studied jazz at the Hartt School of Music, led by saxophonist Jackie McLean. He has also studied percussion with drum master Milford Graves. Since 1993, Michael has co-led various projects with saxophonist Allen Livermore (NYC), resulting in two recordings: Feet Music’s Assertions & sketches (Chroma Independent Media, 1995) and the ALMS Trio’s Advocates (Eighth Nerve Records, 2005). Michael also co-founded Trio Rhizome (with Matt Engle and Seth Meicht) and has worked with Dan Blacksberg, Anthony Braxton, Toshi Makihara, Ed Mann, Stephen Haynes, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jackson Moore, and Matt Mitchell, among others, on various projects.



JULIUS MASRI percussion


Philadelphia, PA

Scott Verrastro utilizes a plethora of sticks, brushes, bells, shakers, cymbals and gongs, metal, contact mics, and household items -- in addition to a traditional drum kit -- to coax a wide palette of sounds. Verrastro received a degree in music literature from Northeastern University in Boston and continues to examine many forms of music, including all styles of improvisation and traditional folk. His improv psych band Kohoutek explores all of this territory, veering from drony Krautrock-inspired psych to abstract noise freak-outs and everything in between. Verrastro also plays in Curanderos (an improv collaboration with memebers of Bardo Pond and Kohoutek), and often accompanies multi-instrumentalist John Stanton in Kuschty Rye Ergot and guitarist Jeff Barsky in Insect Factory. Verrastro has also collaborated with saxophonists Marshall Allen (of Sun Ra Arkestra), Peter Brotzmann, Elliott Levin, Paul Flaherty, and John Dikeman, and has performed with JANDEK, vibraphonist Khan Jamal, George Kinney (of Golden Dawn), Damo Suzuki (of Can), Richard Pinhas (of Heldon), multi-instrumentalists Mike Tamburo and Little Howlin' Wolf, and bands such as Bardo Pond, Fern Knight, and United Bible Studies.

Julius Masri, born in Lebanon, started playing music state side in the early 90s. He attended Bard College where he studied composition with Joan Tower, percussion with Thurman Barker (AACM), and experimental sonic improvisation with Richard Teitelbaum (MEV). He currently performs in Chakra Khan/Air Pirates, Electric Simcha, TinMouth, Q-1, as well as many pickup projects with creative people in any number of artistic denominations. Julius is an Aries, and loathes walks on the beach.

David Fishkin was born in Philadelphia. At the age of seven, he heard a street-corner saxophonist playing the theme to the "Pink Panther." At that moment, David knew that he wanted to play the saxophone. He studied music at Oberlin College, and during a semester spent in Philadelphia, David studied with Odean Pope. Since then, David has experimented with amplifying his instrument; his setup has been described as an "amplified saxophone earthquake." David plays in Gun Muffs, a power duo with the drummer Eli Litwin. David is also a saxophone teacher, and he has arranged music for an ensemble made up of his students. Currently, David is writing a puppet musical, which will premiere this fall in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.


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