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A group show with a collection of artworks done by eight University of the Arts seniors.

Featuring work by:

Magpie: one who collects different objects

This group show is a collection of artworks done by eight University of the Arts seniors.Little Berlin is a cooperative exhibition space, located in Kensington, Philadelphia. As opposed to an artist cooperative, they do not usually show their own artwork. Instead, Little Berlin features emerging and established artists from the neighborhood, from around Philadelphia, and from across the country & world.

On April 1st, 2016 at Little Berlin Gallery, Magpie, an all female multi-­disciplinary group art exhibition will be celebrating their opening reception. Magpie is an exhibition which explores many different themes through various distinctive mediums. Throughout the exhibition these artists are breaking the conventions of the photographic image with sculpture, interactive arts, video, and experimental­ making methods.

There are several events planned for the month of April in conjunction with the Magpie exhibition.

April 1st 2016 6-9pm: Opening Reception

April : Screening a short film, “Regular” by Jackie Papanier.

The exhibition will be closing on April 19th 2016

Exhibiting for the first time at Little Berlin

Anna Ladd, Bridget Carhart, Casey Meyers, Emily Hawkins, Hannah Carleton, Jackie

Papanier, Jessica Lim, and Megan Lynch. All artists are graduating from the University

of the Arts this year! Find out more about these artists by visiting their websites!

Anna Ladd is a multidisciplinary artist who weaves personal and political narratives into

photographs, objects, books, and music.

Bridget Carhart is a multidisciplinary artist who works specifically with photography. Her

recent work focuses on a universal and personal connection to the sea.

Casey Meyers is a 21 year old photographer whose work ranges from straightforward

documentary images to more conceptual work centered around memory and states of


Emily Hawkins is a photographer that has been focusing on book making. She works

with concepts based of memory, manipulation of the photograph, and collage elements.

Hannah Carleton is a photographer and special effects makeup artist working with

narrative. She enjoys creating bodies of work that can involve her dualistic passion.

Much of her work causes the viewer to question the reality of the situation or series they

are presented with.

Jackie Papanier is a filmmaker and photographer whose work is centered around the

experimental narrative, time and memory can hold. She will be graduating from the

University of the Arts in May with a BFA in film/video and a minor in photography.

Jessica Lim is a 2D and 3D maker. She is interested in documentary and narrative

imagery as well as mixed media materials. Her work invites viewers to engage in their

curiosity by interacting and interpreting their own experience with the photographic

based sculptures.

Megan Lynch is an interdisciplinary fine artist using multiple medias to create works that

explore the mysteries and struggles of the self as well as the human condition. She is

graduating The University of the arts with BFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts with dual

emphases in photography and painting.