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Falolo (Fah-­lóh-­loh) ­ 
1. Something more than awesome. It is the best thing ever. (From the Urban Dictionary)

Falolo 4Ever questions such paradigms as “traditional lifestyle”, the Latin American construct and gender normativity by exploring non­whiteness, post­colonialism, regional language and sex positivity.

All artists included in this exhibition attended TrueQué Residency 2016 TrueQue is a residence for emerging artists, activists and cultural managers whose practice reflects on being latin American inside and outside Ecuador. TrueQue seeks to create a space or creative exploration where research, networking and cross­disciplinary practices become an integral part of the process of creating art . 

During the TrueQue residency, there was much discussion regarding gender, physicality and language. Americanisms such as the word “queer” become globally adopted, sometimes having lasting effects unforeseen by those that coined the term. In North America, sometimes we forget that we are part of a larger continent also dealing with the aftermath of Colonialism and violently enforced heteronormativity. Falolo 4Ever seeks to act as a reminder that queerness is greater than sexual preference, more encompassing than a first­world movement granting us access to the bathroom of our choice. Queerness is a reminder that consent comes first, and that as adult humans we have the right to give our hearts and bodies to whomever we choose. 


Satuday May 28 ­ Opening Reception 6­-9pm
Friday, June 3 ­ Exhibition open to the public
Saturday, June 4 ­ Annex open with main gallery exhibition
Thursday, June 9 ­ Closing Reception 6­-8pm

Participating Artists: Stephano Espinoza Galarza (Ecuador), Cristobal Guerra Naranjo (Puerto Rico), Gabriela Marquez (Chile), Abril Montealegre Barros(Chile), Lola Perla (Mexico), PachaQueer (Ecuador), Juliana Romero Hillman (Argentina), Ana Vizcarra Rankin(Uruguay).

On opening night, curator Brett Suemnicht will be releasing the zine Falolo 4Ever through GenderFail Press. The artist book will be comprised of images and text from the participating artists in the exhibition. A portion of the sales from the artist book will benefit TrueQue residency. 

Artist Stephano Spinoza Galarza will also be leading a performance piece titled Ni Chicha Ni Lemonade on opening night.

Little Berlin is a cooperative exhibition space run by approximately 10 people who curate the space using a collaborative, do­it­yourself ethic. Located in Kensington, we feature emerging and established artists from the neighborhood, from around Philadelphia, and from across the country.

2430 Coral Street Philadelphia PA 19125

Curators: Ana Vizcarra Rankin and Brett Suemnicht

Brett Suemnicht -
Ana Vizcarra Rankin ­-
TrueQue Residency ­-

Earlier Event: May 7
Later Event: June 4