Los Angeles, CA, Izaak Schlossman

Los Angeles, CA, Izaak Schlossman

DEVELOPER explores complex systems of integration, design, ubiquity and use. The photographs of Izaak Schlossman (OTR) depict the formal qualities of our relationship with the built environment and the forces that shape it. From Shanghai to Baltimore and California, Schlossman’s work engages on familiar and foreign grounds. The image-based sculptures of Matt Manicini (CHI) consider systems of transition that produce degradation, pitting Zen culture against muscle cars or modern architecture against psychedelia. Rory Rosenberg (NYC) regards his miniaturized structures as spaces for recuperation. By employing democratic devices that conform to the user’s desires, but not their scale, Rosenberg’s sculptures encourage a shift in perspective for the sake of contemplation. The photographs of Ricky Yanas (PHL) portray the stark contradictions of Texas as a space of cowboys and freedom when, in reality, all of the land is owned and the boundless horizons have all been subdivided.

Please join the Artists and members of Little Berlin for an opening reception on First Saturday, June 4th from 6-10pm.

DEVELOPER was curated by Little Berlin member Ethan Patrick Sherman. The exhibition will run through the month of June. Please contact for all inquiries and appointments.

May 28
June 24
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