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Gallery Copy

Little Berlin is pleased to present Jim Grilli: "Gallery Copy" on view in The Annex from August 17th through August 29th 2016. This will be the artist’s first show with the gallery. Please join us on August 20th at 7:00 for a reading by the artist followed by a reception.

Gallery Copy is a project that comprises three aspects of Grilli’s studio practice: appropriation, prose writing, and public reading. 

Selected objects in the exhibition are juxtaposed with literary fragments written by the artist that serve as makeshift wall labels. Each scrap of paper offers an allegorical justification for the appearance of the corresponding item. Some of the arrangements unaccompanied by writing play the role of quirky theatrical props that the artist will interact with during his reading, while others remain opaque in their placement. Throughout the show there is a tension between the homely appearance of the objects and what the snippets of narrative convey about their histories as enigmatic formations. 

Through activating the contents of the gallery the reading will transform the environment into a stage set of sorts as it duplicates and contradicts “the script” of the exhibition available in booklets for attendees to peruse. These two texts: one available as an oratorical statement, the other as an unrealized theatre script, convey to the reader/listener a multi-sided personae that struggles in vain to articulate a specific condition of alienation.

These three components are placed in dissonant conversation with one another to create an atmosphere that problematizes the roles works of art simultaneously play as potential instruments of financial speculation and mundane interventions that radically change the character of a given space.

Later Event: September 2