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September 3rd - 25th

Little Berlin

2430 Coral St

Philadelphia, PA 19125

United States


Saturday September 3rd 5 - 9pm

Artist Dinners:

3 Saturdays in September 10, 17, 24

Gallery Hours:

Fridays throughout the exhibition 6-8pm

Saturdays & Sundays throughout the exhibition 2- 5pm

By Appointment:  // +828.226.6083

Curated by Will Owen


Villus is an international group art exhibition with a focus on food and boundary. The four artists participating in the show are exploring the subject through installation, clothing, and video. Additional to the opening and normal gallery hours each artist will also co-host a meal during each Saturday of the month.


The works in the exhibition relate directly or abstractly to ideas of the human colon as well as human colonies and how the two have been intertwined to create a globalized culinary landscape in the collapse of many modern and historic colonial and imperialist powers.


Villus refers to the small finger-like appendages inside the small intestine which help to move food throughout the digestive system.

Molly Haslund's participation in Villus is partially supported by the Danish Arts Foundation

Included artists are:


Andrew Terron (Philadelphia, United States)


Andrew Terron was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1996, and currently resides there as a Philadelphia-based artist. Obtaining his BFA from the University of the Arts in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts, he works with transdisciplinary methods to create diverse dialogues. Crafting unique relationships to the world around him through a Black Male gaze, Terron and his work teeter on the edge of excellence and destruction. Reworking his background in theatre and performance his works submerge the viewer in sound, text, atmosphere, and recognition of bodily presence. Typically, using a body—his body—as origin, the work creates physical experiences crossing from sculpture into performance into video. Terron’s work has been shown in group exhibitions with Philadelphia Sculptors, the University of the Arts, PhilaMOCA, and other spaces around Philadelphia.


Andrew Terron Video Works


Molly Haslund (Copenhagen, Denmark)


Molly Haslund graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2000-2005 and Glasgow

School of Art MFA 2003-2005. Haslund incorporates musical compositions, lectures and sculptural objects into interdisciplinary performances and installation works. Through various strategies, Haslunds’ work explores how ideas, identities and social hierarchies are intimately connected with,and continuously negotiated through, bodily gestures, rituals, social designs and arrangements of our physical surroundings. For the group sow at Little Berlin, Philadelphia, Haslund is showing a new installation and performance related to her recent experiments with growing and edible plant-costumes.


Rosemary Liss (Baltimore, United States)


Rosemary Liss (baltimore, MD) creates nourishing experiences that provide a symbiosis between mouthfeel and carnal perception. Last summer she was an artist in residence at the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen and in the fall she participated in the Agora Collective's Everything Under the Sun -a food, art and ecology project in Berlin. Rosemary just returned from a remote fishing village in Alaska with a belly full of salmon livers and a clear mind.


Tommy Nguyen (California, United States / Toronto, Canada)


Californian and Canadian bred, Tommy Nguyen is a science fiction and pop culture addict living and working in Brooklyn trying to diffuse into the world alternative narratives that hope to ignite the imagination for new ones. There is a bit of theatre and performance in his installed environments and ordered multiple personalities for the effect that he wants to be your host. Whether it is the comically seductive techno orientalism of the PLUSH series that wants you to start a pillow fight, or the performative TURBOGRAFX ceremonies, or the post historical storytelling in PLASTICS and SAFEWAY, he wants to entertain you, colliding as much of any culture as possible to implode upon itself to mash together new possibilities of living.

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