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The Edge of Precarity

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Little Berlin presents THE EDGE OF PRECARITY, an exhibition of works by four Philadelphia-based artists: Stephanie Cayer, Sarah Hayward, Gabrielle Constantine and Sarah Grisham. The artists explore the precarious position of the contemporary art-worker though text paintings, textured sculptures, receipt logs, and their life "experience". 

This exhibition acknowledges that the typical working artist does not get paid for their art-work and must engage in freelance work to keep their practice afloat, in addition to the unpaid work they do in the hopes that they will “get their break” in the future. During the broad separation of art and work that happened during the industrial era, labor-value became limited to profitable production as the basis for work. This reduced the cultural producer to hobbyist and has led to the glorification of sacrifice in the arts with a belief that creativity is nourished through suffering and pain. The EDGE OF PRECARITY asserts intellectual or cultural production as an alternative to material production, and declare it be given a higher status in society.

Participating Artists:
Stephanie Cayer
Sarah Grisham
Sarah Heyward
Gabrielle Constantine

This exhibition was curated by Danielle Degon in the Annex Space of Little Berlin.

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