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Last Call

A note from one of the curators:

Last Call is a collaborative exhibition in multiple senses. In one, it relies on the collaboration between individuals curating together in one space to present a complete experience to the viewer. This is a practice I have relied heavily on throughout my time at Little Berlin and in my independent curatorial practice. I find working with another person or even multiple people on curation to be not only a rewarding and enjoyable experience but one that creates a better exhibition overall as it is being prepared through multiple perspectives. I have worked extensively over the course of the last five years with both Lauren Karstens and Amanda V. Wagner on projects in and outside of Little Berlin. As I prepare to step away, I knew that I wanted to work with these two incredible voices of the Philadelphia art world. What started as a simple conversation between Amanda and I blossomed into what I have now titled “Last Call.”

From the outset, we knew we wanted this exhibition to be different from ones we had created in the past. I knew that we could also draw upon our previous experiences; specifically, exhibitions that include many different artistic mediums whether they be traditional, experimental, or something less defined. With this exhibition, we give even greater focus to the audiences’ experience; beyond simply viewing the work of the amazing artists we are working with you are enveloped and surrounded by the work. In addition, there will be aspects of direct attendee collaboration including the possibility of performance and mark-making.

This exhibition is a ode to the spirit of Little Berlin itself; and considering the organization has just passed the milestone of ten years of existence it has been very much on my mind. This exhibition is undefinable. I have been endlessly inspired by the work the members, past and present, have put into Little Berlin and the shows that they have curated in this space and I hope that I/we present an exhibition fit for LB. I know my co-curators will have additional input on just what is going on in this exhibition and that will be presented in the catalogue.

Luke Leyden

Earlier Event: April 2
Later Event: May 20
Arcadia, Indiana