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Exchange Exhibition at The Front - NOLA

  • the front 4100 Saint Claude Avenue New Orleans, LA, 70117 United States (map)

Little Berlin, an artist-run collective in Philadelphia, PA is excited to present a cross-country gallery exchange with The Front in New Orleans, LA. Founded within a year of each other, both Little Berlin and The Front share commitments to experimental, DIY shows, performances and events.

Throughout the month of June, Little Berlin will be hosting a comprehensive, six-part exhibition at The Front. Little Berlin’s fourteen current members divided the rooms of the gallery space into sections: curating six separate, smaller exhibitions under the larger collective theme and premise of the switch. Calling into question ideas of exchange- across places, ideas and cultures and through different mediums: humor, symbolism, words and sound- each grouping of artwork encompasses different aspects of the paradigm shift. The exhibition as a whole connects artists from across the country in eclectic vignettes while simultaneously providing a glimpse into Little Berlin’s quirky yet carefully considered approach to curation and dedication to innovative, collaborative programming.


Gallery 1: Transplant

Artists: Doah Lee, Destiny Palmer, and Lorna Williams

Curated by LB members: Terrill Warrenburg and Jeremy Sims

This exhibition brings together the work by three artists discussing identity and the re-examination of it dependent on location, often after moving to a new home. Questioning preconceptions of cultural norms, learned behaviors, exterior appearances, assumptions and stereotypes through symbolic materials, iconography, and fabric, the work discusses cultural shifts, relocation, ancestry, race, and community.


Gallery 2: Portraiture

Artists: Meg Turner, Sam Youkils, Lawrence Sumulong, Ashley Bevington, Saleem Ahmed, and Rory Hamovit

Curated by LB members: Alex Schechter and Amalia Wiatr Lewis

How do we extend the idea of “portrait” to be more encompassing of ideas/spaces/abstract identities? How can the lens of portraiture help us to understand our surroundings? We are interested in artists who are making deep, intimate investigations into a single, specific subject; People, objects, infrastructure, ideas. Portraiture a wide ranging investigation into exhaustive personal space from very specific personal experiences.


The Bathroom: Surround

Artist: Logan Unsen

Curated by LB members: Em Jensen and Kayte Terry  

A site-specific sound installation that immerses the audience in an intimate setting.


Gallery 3: Tragedy/Comedy

Artists: Omid Tavakoli, and Amy Yee

Curated by LB members: Sarah Trad, Henry Gepfer, and Angela Heaps

Exploring the fine line between the comic and the tragic, The work displayed creates a liminal space without a clear direction for overwhelming emotion.


Gallery 4: Libraries

Artists: Kyle Bravo, Paige Fetchen, Rebekah Flake, Genderfail Press (Be Oakley), Marshall James Kavanaugh, Lucas Leyden, New Orleans Community Print Shop & Darkroom, SIFT, Ethan Patrick Sherman, Lee Tusman, and selections from the Little Berlin Zine Library

Curated by LB members: Cayla Lockwood and Will Owen

Libraries features a zine reading room with selections from New Orleans artists and collections as well as Little Berlin’s Zine Library (the largest DIY zine library in Philadelphia.) Additionally, Libraries showcases paper and book arts from former Little Berlin members.


The Backyard: Geography

Artists: Elizabeth Ahn, Gerardine Aldamar, Willie Gurner, and Rebekah Flake

Curated by LB members: Alyssa Kreilick and Mary Henjes

An exploration of how place+geography+topography shape an artist’s work and vise versa.

This exhibition looks to convey the confluence of critical rigor, DIY ethos, and community building of Philadelphia's art scene into the vibrant context of New Orleans. Little Berlin is also excited to host The Front in December for their upcoming Philadelphia exhibition, enthusiastic about fostering connections in the larger artistic community.

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Earlier Event: June 8
Later Event: June 16
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