erin bernard

Erin Bernard  feels strongly that access matters and that all spaces are museums and galleries if we just treat them as they are. As the founder and chief curator of the Philadelphia Public History Truck, she is exploring one path to dismantling access issues in history museums and cultural spaces. Her work focuses on empowering urban communities to create together and hold conversations involving multiple generations and neighborhood stakeholders. She also is particularly interested in capturing and archiving histories which might not be documented otherwise.

As an M.A. public history candidate at Temple University and artist, she is exploring the utility of community curating and the effectiveness of nontraditional museum spaces. Her thesis will be about the aesthetics of public history with case studies of mobile projects, including her own. Her process involves letting questions originate in the community, interpreting oral history in tangible ways, and writing counter-narratives to inform installation and exhibition. She is particularly interested in using maps to present memories in juxtaposition with difficult facts. Her inspirations are Fred Wilson, Theaster Gates, Rebecca Solnit, and Alfredo Jaar.

Erin is a thrilled to be a member of Little Berlin and an active part of the Fairgrounds project. She works as the Publicity, Engagement and Outreach Associate of the 45-year-old Painted Bride Art Center in Old City, Philadelphia. In the past, she has taught special education in Bronx, NY and is continuously driven to connect children to the humanities to inspire transformative creation. Erin is a tree-hugging Mom of two who dreams of one day owning goats named Magellan and Molasses. (Philadelphia History Truck) (Painted Bride Arts Center)


Past work at Little Berlin:

April 2014: Manufacturing Fire

Ever never night market