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MARCH 9 - 30

Opening Reception: March 10, 2018 // 7pm - 9pm
Gallery Hours: Sundays 1 - 4pm + By Appointment: Jeremysimsart@gmail.com

 Siyuan Liu

Siyuan Liu


6 artists exploring home life through art.


March 9 - 30th

Opening Reception (Little Berlin): Saturday, March 10th, 6-9pm A HOME IS WHAT IS HOME

Closing Reception (Artist Invitational): Saturday, March 24th, 6-9pm WELCOME HOME

When visualizing domesticity one may imagine some elements of a fleeting idea of a vision of a home in the suburbs with two kids and a dog. What is presented and explored as a theme throughout the curation of the show is all the ways that the “ideal life” does not actually exist. And yet, americans are constantly bombarded with imagery, fashion and merchandise that rely on a heteronormative ideal. The goal of this show is to blend schema that relate to each artists experience of domesticity with elements of abstraction to create new associations with how we explore and celebrate our lives.

The artists in A HOME IS WHAT IS HOME showcase artwork that reinvents the schema prevalent in ads, interior design and fashion to create a curated space that represents some of the ways that life and the things we live with are all different, and therefore beautiful. In the way which there are multiple forms of artwork representing multiple viewpoints, the curatorial goal is to create a space in which the guests leave the show with new ways of viewing their own lives and those of others.


This project and exhibition was co-curated by Jeremy Sims and the arts collective Little Berlin


Participating Artists:

Adam Ledford (Philadelphia, PA)

Bennett Kuhn (Philadelphia, PA)

Siyuan Liu (Changsha, China)

Ryan Wilson Kelly (Bellingham WA)

Joy O. Ude (Philadelphia, PA)

Benjamin Cirgin (Fayetteville, AR)


Additional Events:

--> Closing Reception(Little Berlin): Saturday, March 24th - 6-9pm EST

(Meet the LB members, Potluck dinner, Games, Artist Panel)


--> Performance by Bennett Kuhn (Philadelphia, PA): Saturday, March 10, 7pm


Little Berlin Gallery hours:

Open every Sunday from 1-4 & by appointment only please email Jeremysimsart@gmail.com



Little Berlin

2430 Coral Street

Kensington, Philadelphia PA