CHER presents: Dinner and a Movie


  “Dinner and a Movie”

Friday, August 9th 8-11:30 PM

The Fairgrounds: 2013 York St. Philadelphia, PA 19125

Rain date: Friday, August 16th 8-11:30 PM

Free Music: Live performances from local musicians will precede the screening. Acts TBD

Admission: Free

Burgers: $5                                                                                                  

Beer: $2

Champions of Empty Rooms (CHER) has joined forces with the good people at Little Berlin to bring you a very special outdoor film festival we’re calling Dinner and a Movie. CHER will be bringing contemporary film and video art to the people in a communal and fun environment. By taking contemporary video art and short films out of the gallery system and placing them in the community’s own backyard (literally) we’re cultivating a positive relationship to the arts and promoting fresh ideas. We’re feeding minds and with our CHER burgers we’ll be feeding bodies as well! We’ll be grilling up beef and veggie burgers for just $5 from 8-9:30! 

SEED Party


SEED Party, Saturday August 3rd 2013 12pm-3pm, inside the little berlin gallery 2430 Coral st. Philadelphia PA 19125

In August 2013, in conjunction with the Growth and Decay exhibition, participating artist Marguerita Hagan will be creating a permanent sculptural installation at the little berlin Fairgrounds based on her ongoing SEED project.  Marguerita will be creating her sculpture out of SEEDs, and would like to invite the surrounding community to actively participate in the creation of this project.  Please join us on August 3, 2013 for a free all-ages SEED making party and workshop. The SEEDs that we create will be incorporated into a sculptural installation, which will be presented in its completion on August 24th, 2013.

“What does Light talk about? I asked a plant that once. It said, ‘I am

not sure, but it makes me grow.’” – Thomas Aquinas, 1225 – 1274

Oak trees know. Their roots graft into miles of mutual sustainability. When

a tree is in need, the healthy ones send their energy through the network

in support of the entire community. This light-giving flow has enabled all

life to thrive for eons. Inherent potential realized moves everything, even light itself.

The SEED Project celebrates this movement – an inclusive,

interdependent and interactive network seeing and cultivating potential

in everyone, everything, everywhere. The four branches of the SEEDS

Project: Seeds Abroad, Community, Creative Education and Installations

are invitations to plant what you love and see it grow.

For more information on the SEED project visit: