Ancient Structures for a New World

Little Berlin and The Cultural Arts Center at the PDDC would like to present "Ancient Structures for a New World"; a sculptural installation at the Little Berlin Fairgrounds. 


PDDC’s mission is to provide programs and services that support people to be included in the community, attain the highest level of independence, and live lives with maximum satisfaction.  The Cultural Arts Center at PDDC offers adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to express themselves through the creative and performing arts. Classes in art, music, movement, theater, and ceramics, as well as visits to cultural venues and partnerships with other artists and art organizations, round out a comprehensive and dynamic approach to increasing self-confidence and enhancing self -expression through the arts.


The installation will be composed of various structures where the artists will juxtapose permanence and impermanence.  These structures are monuments to nature, human creativity and community.  Composed of paintings, clay tiles and wheat pasted art-works, the personal mythologies and unique perspectives of many individual artists will live together on display.  The artists of the PDDC have gathered materials such as bricks and cinder blocks from the neighborhood surrounding the Fairgrounds and in doing so give new life to materials that are currently part of the community’s old and ruined structures. Many of the Cultural Arts artists enjoy exploring cultural motifs and themes in their artwork. The pyramid shape of the installation’s structure will reference an ancient form that has resonated with many cultures throughout the world, including the Mayans, Incans, and Egyptians.



Opening Reception: First Friday October 5th 2012 6pm-9pm at the Little Berlin Fairgrounds, 2011 Coral st. Philadelphia PA 19125


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