April 14th, 2012

Today was a very successful day!  We had all our cleaning supplies donated from the city of Philadelphia.  Here is a perfect example of the horrors of trash dumping.  This is a before photo of what we had to deal with today:

Not included in this photo, next to this particular pile, was a burned dead cat carcass among other awful things. With the help of Alex Walcroft, John Detweiler and Cliff Bailey, we packed this horrible pile into 16 trash bags, and 2 recycling bins.  Here is our accomplishment:

In addition to our clean up effort, Beth Heinly installed a piece called “No One Wins” by Jasmina Llobet and Luis Fernandez Pons.  

Llobet & Pons’ artistic practice focuses on the broad concept of everyday objects and the language of things, these ideas being the starting point for various multidisciplinary projects. After a careful study of the context in which they find themselves working, through dialogue, through playful investigations and the frequent use of humour and irony, the artists approach matters of importance and banality in society. Llobet & Pons are particularly interested in the relationship between objects and artefacts, turning elements from the everyday upside down and using them as significant entities to build intricate combinations and let new metaphors and meanings emerge.”


 No one wins

Intervention in public space

Basketball hoop manipulated to be too small for standard balls to go through, ball


Jon Miller decided to leave his “self portrait” up for a few weeks in our Fairgrounds, as an experiment.  In his own words, 

"I am curious to see what happens when it's left out unattended in the neighborhood. 
For me it's interesting as an evolution of the piece where nature or nurture can come into play.  
How will forces outside of my control change it's definition?  
I am interested to see what happens over time as a second stage of the piece. "

Tyler Kline and a few other artists took advantage of this opportunity to fill up the white space:

 Overall today was a very productive day!  I am proud of our accomplishments.
-Angela McQuillan