Day 4, the last day!

Today we planted the garden.  Don’t all those green leaves look great?  We have an assortment of tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, kale, collards, basil and many other delicious varieties! Each bed was planted strategically to optimize the sunlight and the shade.  All the plants came from the Sol Food Mobile Farm greenhouse in the back of the bus!

After planting all the plants in the greenhouse, we filled the containers back up with soil and planted new seeds for the next garden that Sol Food Mobile Farm will build on their cross-country journey.

After a day of planting, we had a pizza party to celebrate a great job!

This sign of all participants will be hung in the garden this weekend.  A HUGE thank you to Sol Food Mobile Farm for coming out and making this happen.  The four members are Dylan Hammond, Eliza Bordley, Ellen Duda, and Reid Rosemond.  They are volunteers and are doing great work, funding their operation with donations.  To learn more about Sol Food Mobile Farm and to donate to their cause, go to  Help support more community gardens around the USA.

I would also like to thank Little Berlin members Alana Bograd, Alex Walcroft, Samantha Reedy and Eileen Doyle for coming out and doing some amazing work. 

Most importantly, I would like to thank all the local residents who came out to volunteer their time to create a beautiful garden!  THANK YOU to: Steve Putz, Donna Cohen, Leroy Williams, Maleena Williams, Jalen Williams, Quadir Mills, Daniel Feller, Andrew Diaz, Shawn Paul Richards, Christopher Rivera, Shaylynn Welsh, Kelsey Niziolek, Andy Hood, Omar Santiago, Jeffrey Melo, and CJ Warrington!!!

If I forgot to add your name, please email Angela McQuillan at to be included on this website and also our garden sign!

If anyone is interested on helping to water the garden regularly, we could definitely use some help so get in touch!

Thank you everyone, we did it!

-Angela McQuillan