Day Three of Garden Building with Sol Food

Today our major issue was to figure out our water supply, since water is essential to any garden!  We were able to get three beautiful rain barrels donated from the Philadelphia Water Department.  Originally the idea was to connect the rain barrels to downspouts from the Viking Mill building, however this deemed problematic because the roof has tar and other particulates that are not good for plants.  Our decision was to build a structure to contain the rain barrels with a small roof structure to collect water.  This is a project that will be extended into tomorrow.  Another major hurdle is to figure out a good water supply for when there is no rain!  For now, we are carting water across the street from the Viking Mill.  We will have to examine all our options for a long-term solution since carting many gallons of water across the street is not very convenient.  Oh the joys of logistics! 

Sam and Josh got to work building a containment system for compost.  The plan is to have three seperate divisions for compost of varying stages of decomposition.

Another structure that was added to the garden today is an herb spiral constructed from logs

 A fun part of the day was building a park bench out of tree trunks and left over wood.  The kids from the neighborhood had a great time painting it and decorating it.

Here they are with their creation:

The herb spiral ready for some live herbs!

Tomorrow is our last day……..