Day Two of Garden Building at the Fairgrounds

De-stapling and prying apart the wood was the hardest part, and luckily it was all completed yesterday!! :)  Today we got to work building the raised beds.  We nailed together two planks to give the garden beds some height, since there is absolutely no chance of these plants ever growing into the ground, since the lot is mostly gravel and rock and hardly any real soil. 

We constructed 8 beds 8’x4’, and a raised bed around the House sculpture. 

We lined up the empty beds and tested out different arrangements to see what looked the best.

Here is a photo of Reid and Dylan examining a load of soil being unloaded from the truck.  That’s a lot of dirt!  The three piles are:  leaf mulch for beautiful nutrient-rich top-soil, mulch to surround the outside of the beds to keep them moist, and regular soil for the bottom of the beds. 

Next we painted the outside of the beds and lined the bottom with cardboard, to prevent weeds from growing up from underneath and also to keep the soil moist. Here is Ellen with a gorgeous color of blue!

We had some amazing helpers today, we were super excited to have kids from the neighborhood come out to participate.

After lining the beds with cardboard, the soil was shovelled into the beds first and then the rich leaf-compost on the top.  We are ready to plant our garden!

Great job to all our helpers today!  Stay tuned til Thursday for a full list of everybody’s names.  We will also be placing a sign in our garden with a list of all participants as a thank you :)

After all the hard work, Eliza gave a tour of the bus,