Day one with Sol Food Mobile Farm

Today was a super productive day!  First of all I just have to say how impressed I was with Sol Food Mobile Farm.  They are a young non-profit located in Durham, North Carolina that focuses on issues of environmental sustainability and community development.  Sol Food Mobile Farm was created as an experiential, hands-on teaching program based around planting and harvesting garden vegetables.What is so special about Sol Food Mobile Farm is that they operate out of a retro-fitted school bus! Their non-profit will be making a 6 month tour around the United States this summer, stopping in 10 major cities to hold workshops that focus on gardening, nutrition, composting and alternative fuels.

Here are some photos of their bus, which is amazing!  It has a kitchen with running water, 4 bunk beds and a greenhouse full of beautiful healthy plants in the back.  On the roof of the bus above the sleeping quarters, there is a live garden which helps keep the inside of the bus cool. We actually did an experiment and the portion of the bus covered by plants was over 10 degrees cooler!

Here is a photo of Reid watering the roof!

This morning we spent most of the day dealing with the lumber.  Since the wood came from a theater set, we had to pry apart all of the boards from cubes into individual planks.  After doing this we had to remove and/or flatten all of the staples.  (We love the fact that we are giving this wood a new life, we got it from the Resource Exchange, 2829 Cedar Street, Philadelphia, PA 19134.267.997.0060)

Ellen and Dylan spent the morning at Fairmount Park, obtaining FREE leaf compost and mulch. (Fairmount Park Recycling Center:  3850 Ford Road, Philadelphia, PA 19131 215-685-0108)

Next we started cutting down the wood from 12’ long pieces into 8’ and 4’ pieces, which will construct 8’x4’ raised garden beds.  Here are Rachel, Eliza and Ellen with all the wood

Tomorrow we start constructing the beds!  If you are available from the hours of 10am-2pm and are in the Philadelphia area, come out and give us a hand.  We could really use your help and I guarantee you will learn something from the experience!