Groupon Grassroots Follow Up

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our Groupon Grassroots Fundraiser to raise money for seating in our Fairgrounds!  We are very proud to say that we were able to reach our goal and will be providing information shortly about our upcoming endeavour of creating and installing park benches in our space!

Without the following donors, this project would not be possible.  THANK YOU so much for all your support!

Rebecca Rosen

Dave Davis

Kristen Taylor

Carol Savery

Rebecca Blinn

Beth Blinebury

Roxanna Neisser

Sarah A. Stulga

The McMillin Family

Phil Sechrist

Kacy Manahan

Brienne Menut

Maya Cook

Janet D Amato

Jean Thompson

Jamie Memis

Erika Crowe

Stephanie Lee Jackson

Wendy DeSantis

A.S. Kaltenmark

Nicole DeSantis

Jason Depenbrock

Janine Truppay

Dodi Melnicoff

Julie Courtney

Megan Alyse LeCluyse

Rebecca Simon Miller

John Gruber

Margaret ODonnell

Sophia Lim

Stephanie Andreescu

Donald E Walter

Tori King

Libby Rosof

Shelly and Bob Waldman

Lean Fenimore

The Matsuura Family


Bruce M Beyer

Kaleigh Emerson

Jereme Mongeon

Kate Kraczon

Anna Kline

Tori Schock

Michele Rajsic Mucellin

Timothy Dych

Anne Harney

Natalie Mele

Gayle Speck

Chris McCreary

Patricia L. Putz

Susan N. Wright

Laura Hawk

Benjamin Gonzales

Marina Bograd



In addition, we would like to acknowledge a special donation in the amount of $100 from Carol in memory of Gerry Staniewicz Schwab, who passed away at a young age from Alzheimers.  Carol has fond memories of spending time with Gerry at the corner of Coral st. and York st.