J. Miller's Self-Portrait

Starting  Friday April 6th 2012, there will be a temporary sculpture installation in our Fairgrounds by artist Jon Miller. 

J. Miller
Self Portrait (2012)
Salvaged wood and ropes, plaster, gypsum board, latex paint

16’ x 8’ x 8’
The project was conceived as a self portrait.  The blank wall at the front represents my outward picture to the world while the disheveled construction behind it represents my internal struggle to keep that outward picture intact.  It combines the form of a billboard with the form of a domestic interior.  The wall is left blank to express a lack of communication while the weathered materials of the interior are meant to emphasize the toll of time.  Outriggers are used to keep the wall from falling backward while ropes are used to keep it from falling forward; the push and pull of indecision.