Knight Arts Challenge Awards at the PMA

Last night I attended the Knight Arts Challenge award ceremony at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with Kelani Nichole, Alana Bograd, Alex Walcroft and Lee Tusman.  The Philadelphia Art Museum put on a great event, it was a surreal experience.   Here is a photo of our award:

Here is a photo of the Little Berlin members in attendance.  It’s probably not the greatest photo ever taken, but it was definitely a night to remember:

Our grant was the smallest one awarded at the ceremony, the highest being $400,000.  This project is definitely not small potatoes, however!  I think it reinforces the concept that Little Berlin has exhibited thus far, that we can create great things with very little money and limited resources.  All it takes is passion, hard work, and determination.  

Now we need to start coming up with our match, to make the grand total $20,000.  We can do so much with this amount, every penny will be put to good use.  That being said, we will be coming on full force with our fundraising efforts in the near future, but any donations are greatly needed and appreciated.  Please donate to our good cause!!

I am so thankful to the Knight Foundation for taking notice, and having faith in us.  It feels awesome to be part of such a wonderful opportunity.  We are going to create something amazing!

Cheers to 2012!