Summer 2012 Artist in Residence: Salvatore Cerceo

Salvatore Cerceo will be Little Berlin’s Artist in Residence for summer 2012.  He is working on creating a giant salvaged-wood sculpture piece custom made for our Fairgrounds.  He will be working on this piece for the next few months in our Courtyard, so we are able to witness his working process. 

In his own words:

"Whether I’m mixing plaster with rope, welding steel or putting the chisel to wood, with every stroke, cut or mark on paper I am mending my soul and expanding my consciousness. Through my art making I am able to understand my self and it is through understanding myself that I am able to understand and communicate with the world around me. Art making is naturally a rebellious act. The life of an artist alone is a powerful force against all that is unnatural and dehumanizing."

We look forward to watching his creation unfold!