Lee Tusman


Lee Tusman received a BA from Brandeis University with a focus on Art and Social Change. Tusman has curated dozens of exhibitions and public projects for a diverse group of universities, galleries, institutions, alternative spaces and public interventions including Riverside Art Museum; UCLA; California State University, Northridge; University of California, Riverside; Division 9 Gallery; Space 1026; Little Berlin; J & J's gas station, and his now-retired mobile Volkswagen Vanagon artspace Vanagallery. He is the Creative Director of Hidden City Philadelphia and works on projects that straddle the intersection of ideas that are socially-based, urban in nature and that combine unconventional practices with contemporary visual arts and internet media.

Past Curatorial / Exhibition Work at Little Berlin:

  • March 2012: Flash Fl00d
  • October 2012: Punk Arcade
  • October 2013: Limits and Demonstrations: A Lula Chamberlain Retrospective
  • January 2014: Little White Cubes: Little Berlin at the DCCA
  • July 2014: Between The Act And Motion: Little Berlin at Artscape in Baltimore