Mariana Templin

Based in Philadelphia, and largely self-taught, Mariana Templin is a visual artist and performer. Her work makes use of a wide range of media—including oils, embroidery, sand, and even digital experimentation such as short animations and gifs.

Her work has been on display across the country, and prominent pieces include a mixed media and digital sculpture housing a hidden projector on display in Philadelphia, and an interpretive illustration commissioned for a nationally aired PBS documentary.

Strange and saccharine, her work is informed by the moment when you are both charmed and disquieted by a thing—a process that has always been especially visual for her. This liminal space—where you can’t always tell what you are looking at—is universal. It is at once totally alien, and completely commonplace.

Her work seeks to speak to a vast array of audiences, while at once asking them to confront a very personal delight and discomfort. To carve that moment out, and create from it its own world that is both incredibly honest, and essentially subjective.

Although she titles her work based on the stories that they present to her, she seeks to create work that is as variable as its audience—to create an experience that appears differently to every viewer. A work that unfolds differently to each viewer—that becomes a stage for endless interpretation, and a mirror for each of our unique narratives.

Past Curatorial / Exhibition Work at Little Berlin:

August 2015: My Dream House