Tyler Kline

Tyler Kline received his BA in Anthropology and Sculpture from Portland State University and a MFA in Installation and Sculpture from The Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts. He has curated shows at: Atlanta’s Moving Spirits Gallery, Portland’s Martial Arts Gallery, Zeitgeist and Disjecta, as well as Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Little Berlin. A Strong believer in the power of Art to revitalize communities and bring about social change; he is fascinated by playing with the porous boundaries between painting, video, sculpture, performance, and printmaking. Kline’s work at Little Berlin braids Visual Anthropology with cross disciplinary aesthetics, forging bonds to make the future solid enough to Bloom.

Tyler has served as Little Berlin’s in-house photographer, documenting the various happenings inside the gallery and arranging it all onto the flickr feed.



Past Work at Little Berlin

Exhibitions Curated:

March 2014: The Place of Dead Roads
November 2011: The Western Lands
October 2010: Cities of The Red Night
August 2009: Bone Tails
March 2008: These Ghosts That Haunt Us


April 2013: REPEAT
March 2012: Flash Fl00d
August 2012: Hung
June 2010: Forecast
March 2009: Prospects
June 2009: Offerings